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Getting a Few Zzzzzz in Class

Sometimes its almost impossible to stay awake in class-but do you really want to suffer the consequences? Is a few minutes sleep really worth a detention after school? Yeah? Well try these things to keep from being caught. (PLEASE NOTE: this article is kind of a joke so the editors take no responsibility if you are caught-we don't want to have to sit in the corner either!).


1. Grab your pen and shove it into your eraser so that it stands up by itself. Place your fingers around it so it looks like you are holding it yourself and then lean your head on your arm so it looks like your looking down at your work. If you have long hair, swoop some over your eyes. Try not to snore or drool.


2. Tell your drama teacher that you are auditioning to play a part in an upcoming movie. If asked, tell them that your character is either: a rock, a log, a dead soldier, or has been turned to stone by a wicked witch. If they get suspicious after a couple of lessons of this-jump up and down with joy and tell them that you got the part! They will be so happy that they won't notice.


3. Learn to sleep with one eye open-though this looks a little freaky, it really does work.


4. Give your teacher vouchers to late night movies, early morning gym classes or star gazing sessions. As well as getting brownie points they'll hopefully fall asleep themselves making it quite OK for you to do the same.


5. Get some sleep the night before!!


Homework Tips

Homework can be a real drag-but it can be fun too! Here's a few things that might make it a little more exciting...

1. Study Pals / Groups
You know what they say-two heads are better than one so, unless you're two-headed then it's a good idea to get a friend along to study with you. Make sure that you commit yourself to doing some work though 'cos its easy to get distracted when your together. Maybe try half an hour blocks broken up with games outside or a snack.


2. Games
Try to make your homework as fun as you can by inventing games to play either by yourself or with your study pals. Bingo and Memory are great games to change around.


3. Art
Make your homework as artistic as possible. Paint, draw, mosaic, colour your ideas-this will make it more fun and will help you remembering too.


4. Jokes
See if you can make up jokes about the things you are learning- why was six scared? 'Cos 7 8 9.


5. Using the Internet
Why spend heaps of time stressing out finding information when there's so much you can get on the net. Here's some cool sites to check out:


   Homework Help has over 700 links for students in every subject
   Schoolwork Ugh! has areas on different school subjects and links.
   Google Homework has a search for homework topics and other places to find new sites.


Fun Tips for keeping warm this winter...


1. Grab a huge piece of rubber, glue it on the bottom and on the sides, hop in and get someone to glue the top above your shoulders and then fill it with warm water-making it the world's first full-body water bottle.


2. Make a big lentil soup full of brussel sprouts, cauliflower, squash, anchovies and your big brother's socks. Take a big whiff and you'll feel that warm "I'm gonna be sick" feeling. Take another whiff when your stomach settles down to repeat the sensation.


3. Buy a huge tub of deep heat or dencorub and slop it all over your body with a spatula-you'll be warm and never have a runny nose again!


4. Watch "7th Heaven" on a Saturday Night-that show always makes me feel warm-n-fuzzy inside (but maybe its just that sick feeling again)


5. Hide some hot chillis in your weet-bix, your sandwich and in your ice-cream... better yet, hide them in your little sister's... it'll be warm when your mum smacks you on the bum after your sister's head explodes!




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