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Welcome to CyclopsACT


CyclopsACT is the ACT's website for young carers - young people who care for someone in their family who are affected by illness or disability.


This website contains heaps of useful information about illness and disability, about caring and about where to get help when things are tough.

Who are young carers?


Young carers are young people under 18 who look after or help look after someone in their family with an illness or disability. Click here to read the Fact Sheet on Young Carers.

How do I know if I'm one?

If someone in your family is sick, ill or has a disability and you help them in some way then chances are you're a young carer.

Caring for someone in your family is a great thing to do. It's about showing your family members how much you care about them while building up a bag of skills you can use later on.


Did You Know?


Did you know that one in ten young people aged 15-25 in Australia care for someone in their family with an illness or disability? Chances are someone you know is a young carer - you might even be one yourself! Click here to view the stories of some young carers you might know!!






An Australian Government Initiative


Litmus is a program that supports Young Carers aged between 11 and 18 years caring for a parent with mental ilness, the parent with mental illness and other family members.

This program acknowledges that mental health impacts on all members of the family and therefore aims to provide support that is individual yet family focused.

Contact Litmus on 02 6278 8444

Click here to download a referral form





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