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Young carers are an at-risk group of young people. What determines whether their care has negative impacts on their health, well-being and development is the level of support they are provided by the community around them. As workers, teachers, GPs and health professionals you can have an incredibly positive impact on young carers' lives by (a) being informed (b) being able to identify young carers and (c) being active in offering or finding appropriate supports for young people with care responsibilities.

In this section you will find information about young carers, their needs, their rights and supports available for you to best support them in your services. This area will be updated regularly with fresh information provided.

In addition, CyclopsACT runs an e-list for professionals working with young carers. You can join it by contacting CyclopsACT

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CyclopsACT has a Young Carers Referral Form which you can download, complete and return to CyclopsACT either by fax or email.

  Download the CyclopsACT Referral Form

Download The Litmus referral form   Download the Litmus Referral Form



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