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Caring and Feeling Good

1. You're not the only one!
Sometimes we get frustrated, angry or disappointed because we think that our families are different to everyone else's, that we're the only one's doing the things we do. But caring is something that more than one in ten young people do - you really are not alone! Find some other young people who care, or read the stories of others who've gone through what you're going through. It can be really refreshing.
2. Caring can be cool
Its good to remind ourselves sometimes about all the good parts about being a young carer. It's good to remember all the new skills we have, how special our families are, how much we've grown as a person. Write a list and keep it somewhere special - reading it when things seem to be too much can put things in perspective.
3. Be proud of you
As well as being proud of the things you do, be proud of yourself too. You are an incredible person with so many great things that piece together to make you who you are. Caring is a part of that, but there's so much more too that you need to acknowledge and feel good about. Jot some of them down or, if that seems too tough, get someone who cares about you to do it for you. Read each one and say "yeah, I am that - and that makes me special".
4. Know your limits
All of us have limits - times when we just can't do what needs to be done or when we need space from it all. And that's OK. It's really important that when you're at that point you can pull out and get some help.












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